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Dashashwamedha Ghat


Dashashwamedha Ghat is located very close to Kashi Vishwanath Temple at the bank of River Ganga.

How to Reach

You can reach Dashashwamedha Ghat by alighting at Godaulia. Godaulia can be reached by car, auto rickshaw etc. Since no vehicles are allowed beyond Godaulia so you have to walk for 5 minutes to reach Dashashwamedha Ghat.


Dashashwamedha Ghat is one of the most important and probably the oldest Ghats of Varanasi located on the banks of River Ganga, close to Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Dashashwamedha literally means the Ghat of ten sacrificed horses. According to myths ten horses were sacrificed by Lord Brahma to allow Lord Shiva to return from a period of banishment during Dasa Ashwamedha Yajna performed here. In spite of the fact that Dashashwamedha is one of the oldest Ghats of Varanasi, dating back to many thousand years, the Ghat has remained intact and clean. Dashashwamedha Ghat provides a beautiful and colorful riverfront view. Close to Ghat there are many Temples dedicated to Sulatankeshvara, Brahmeshvara, Varaheshvara, Abhaya Vinayaka, Ganga (the Ganges), and Bandi Devi which are part of important pilgrimage journeys. A large number of priests can be seen performing religious rituals on this Ghat.

A group of priests perform Ganga Aarti daily in the evening at this Ghat as a dedication to Shiva, Ganga, Surya (Sun), Agni (Fire), and the whole universe. Devotees must not miss the opportunity of visiting the Dashashwamedha Ghat in the evening when after Aarti, thousands of earthen lamps are immersed in the waters of the holy Ganges and the floating lamps give a divine look to the river at dusk. Special Aartis are held on Tuesdays and on religious festivals. Dashashwamedha Ghat is the busiest bathing Ghat in Varanasi. Boats can be hired at this Ghat for a tour of the riverfront. It is also the most popular site for Hindus to perform ancestor worship rituals. Entire Ghat is lined with umbrella covered stalls where Brahmin priests perform pujas.